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Managing Director's comments:

I would like to personally thank participants and employers who have provided Carson Australasia with clear, definitive and practical feedback. Your ideas and suggestions have assisted greatly in improving and fine-tuning our training. Wherever possible, we have trialled and implemented your suggestions, and as a result our training has continued to improve to the benefit of future participants.

Thanks very much and good luck with your training!

  • 2016

      ”I found the facilitator to be very approachable and was able to maintain my interest through the various delivery techniques used. The facilitator is clearly very passionate about the role that she performs.”

      ”The small group made it a great learning environment and the trainers and support team were great.”

      ”High professional standards.”

      ”Best aspects of the course: Being able to approach trainer at any time with a question, and having it answered and explained so that I was able to understand the content.”

      ”Sam was very knowledgable and passionate.”

      ”I learnt there is so much that goes into Mapping / organising a training package. Usually as a tutor I receive the product I am going to facilitate and follow the training plan. So this course has given me an insight into what goes on behind the scenes to organise these training packages I deliver. Sam was a really good facilitator/instructor and was very approachable if I had any trouble understanding anything.”

      ”Good mix of practical and theory.”

      ”Best aspects of the course: Instructor's attitude and friendly/helpful personality.”

      ”The mix of theory and activities made the content easier to understand.”

      ”Our trainer, Sam, was without a doubt the best aspect of the training. She made the course fun, easier to understand and was able to turn it in to an enjoyable couple of weeks.”

      ”Opportunity to develop and use training materials and look at the LLN levels and understand how they worked.”

      ”It's nice to know I now have that qual behind me. I can't remember what I said to you at the end of the course but you were a great facilitator to have. I have attended some pretty painful courses over the years however I really enjoyed this.

      ”Being able to comprehensively cover a course in a short, very targetted way. Having facilitators who were knowledgable, approachable and highly skilled at training.”

      ”Sam was an incredible trainer. She fostered a great team spirit which helped in the learning. She was very encouraging and drove us to achieve our objectives.”

      ”The trainer was extremely knowledgable, and had lots of experience to share with us.
      There were few participants, which allowed for deeper engagement.
      The morning tea services provided were excellent, and catered for my needs.
      The receptionist was extremely friendly.
      The trainer was extremely approachable and helpful.
      The activities during the course were relevant and interesting.”

      ”The fun part was learning from others, especially when I had a competitor on one side, and somebody with the same degree and interests as me on the other. The trainer helped me participate more than I usually do because she supported and encouraged when I was not meeting expectations.”

      ”My trainer Sam. She made the subject matter very interesting and easy to understand. She is very approachable & takes time in explaining things when they are not clear. Made learning enjoyable.”

      ”I found the procedures to get a training course nationally recognised was interesting and enjoyed the role playing to get my presentations up to that standard that they be nationally recognised. I am most grateful to Sam Clarke for her patience and guidance as I completed my paperwork. Sam had an excellent knowledge of the topic.”

      ”Trainer was very engaging to learn from and kept the activities interesting.”

      ”Very professional delivery and clear focus.
      I learnt new skills and theories to assist others which is useful in many ways.
      I found the trainer to be very knowledgeable on the subject at hand and approachable.”

      ”I obtained the skills to review curriculum and make necessary assessment tools.”

      ”The Training was intense and fast paced, I got the skills I required from the course , and I did find it interesting.”

      ”The trainer, Sam, had a high level of skills and knowledge and imparted them in a flexible and fun manner.”

      ”The interaction and practical activities we undertook individually as well in a group. The trainer's knowledge and experience was excellent!”

      ”Great trainer in Brisbane for the course. 10 days was a good length of time.”

      ”I enjoyed the challenging nature of the course.”

      ”The Trainer had an excellent knowledge of the Curriculum. Her ability to remain positive, patient and motivated during the 2 week course is a reflection on the quality and standard of trainer provided by Carson.”

      ”Really good trainers made the content easy to understand.”

      ”Best aspects: Small group. Trainer made the course interesting at all times. Lots of activity and open disscussion.”

      ”Trainers were very approachable and helpful.”

  • 2015

      ”I enjoyed Sam's facilitation style and I enjoyed the tips about setting relevance for the learner early. I have been doing this intuitively though now have some more structured resources to assist with this. I also appreciate that we able to contact Sam in the future.”

      ”Best aspects of the course: 1) The actual Trainer. She (Sam) was very knowledgeable with the subject so able to answer any query. Her presenting style was excellent and consistent to the very end. 2) The support staff. Very friendly, extremely considerate, always with a smile and only too willing to help when asked.”

      ”Sam is the best example of what a trainer should be.”

      ”The trainer was very knowledgable and interesting. The facilities were modern and clean. I have no suggestions for improvement. I was impressed with the training and really enjoyed it.”

      ”The trainer was excellent. The group of trainee's was a good mix, from different industries, which made it more interesting.”

      ”The training facilities were excellent, and central to all amenities. Our comfort was a high priority for Carson Australiasia. Sam was interesting and knowledgable and she kept my interest for the whole 6 days. My favourite part of the day was morning tea, Rita went over and above for our dining pleasure!”

      ”Best aspects of the course: The capacity of the trainer in regards to subject matter.”

      ”Trainer was very knowledgeable and more than willing to share their wealth of experience.”

      ”Sam is an excellent presenter and had us all truly involved all the way through the course. Sam presented exactly as she had advised us to do and I know we all learned a massive amount from her. She has a great training style and I think faultless.
      The ladies in the office were a huge help whenever we asked for assistance and their hospitality and friendliness was awesome, please pass on our thanx to them.
      Chris and I were extremely glad that we stayed for the extra two days. It didn't seem it on the Wednesday night (day 6) but as soon as we were into the Thursday (Day 7) we knew we had made the right choice.”
      -Peter, New Zealand

      ”Sam was an amazing facilitator and made the whole process not as daunting as I initially thought it would be, Sam made it relevant, easy to understand and fun.”

      ”Straight forward and easy to understand. Trainer has excellent knowledge of all aspects of training. No areas of improvement needed that I can see and I have already recommended your training to others. Thank you team.”

      ”The trainer was absolutely fantastic, clear in instruction and personal to guide you through the challenging parts of the training. The whole course including our group and the staff of Carson were great.”

      ”The friendly, supportive and non-threatening environment, the trainer's thorough knowledge of the subject matter and patience at the times it was needed. The catering was excellent.”

      ”The trainer was excellent on this course - very engaging and were the other participants on the course with us”

      ”I really enjoyed the informal 20 min presentation each of us did. I liked working in groups. I learnt alot from people in other industries. It was a good networking activity. Our trainer was an expert in her field.”

      ”Sam was very patient and explained things well. The material and information was relevant and up to date.”

      ”The trainer (Sam) was great.”

      ”1 day covered more than our previous trainer had done in 2.”

      ”Knowledgable trainers and staff, good environment and facilities. All was above standard in my opinion.”

      ”Having not attended training for a long time frame, the content was excellent and relevant to the work I undertake. The trainer was also very knowledgable in relation to the content which assists greatly with facilitation of learning.”

      ”I gained the new knowledge which will be beneficial for me in my work as a trainer, facilitator. Well done.
      The training day was most enjoyable, while at the same time we learnt a lot. I really do not think that any changes are required at this stage. thank you.”

      ”I would like to say that I enjoyed the course much more than I anticipated I would have, (bit of stress not being in my comfort zone) fantastic environment and facilities, wonderful facilitator and support, please pass my thanks to Janelle and Sam.”

      ”Trainer was very good in grabbing and keeping attention, very approachable and happy to assist in any way. Great to get a ”background” knowledge of the behind the scenes requirements/expectations of training documentation and making sure things link together with the assessment aspect.”

      ”The best aspects of the training were the need of us to stand in front of the participants and test ourself whether we could really teach. Scary at first but I gain my confidence straight away after I finished my report.
      I'm very happy and satisfied I went to Carson for TAE training instead doing it on line.”

      Employer Feedback:

      ”Re-enforced recently acquired knowledge of the training environment and requirements.”

  • 2014

      ”The trainer, Sam, was fantastic! She made the subject interesting and relevant. She was knowledgeable in a wide range of workplaces and was able to apply great examples. The facilities were great. The equipment was modern and computers fast.”

      ”Interactive and thorough knowledge by Sam the main trainer.”

      ”Small group size promoted good interaction within the learning environment.”

      ”Sam was definitely the best thing about this course. She was engaging, professional, maintained the appropriate level of interaction and was extremely knowledgeable. I found her wonderful level of sensibility and humility intriguing.”

      ”Trainers demonstrated good techniques in their own practice.”

      ”The facilitators were considerate of my situation. I suffered a bit of anxiety in the early stages but I was guided and supported well by the staff. Even though I have had facilitating experience previously, I found myself stepping outside my comfort zone and learning new things.”

      ”Best aspects: Meeting people from various backgrounds. Working as a team in various occasions. Learning all had to share.”

      ”Principal trainer kept things interesting and constantly reinforced the need to comply with all regulations (explaining well). Small group size - intersting mix of occupations. I learnt very useful skills for my work.”

      ”Practical aspects and one on one with trainer.”

      ”Great trainer, who delivered information clearly, facilitated activites/practicals well. The course had a great balance of trainer-led and participant-led sessions.”

      Employer Feedback:

      ”Cost-effective. Course offered at suitable time. Training venue was central. Trainers and support staff were well connected to industry needs.”

      ”Practical assessment.”

      ”Practical implementation of training.”

  • 2013

      ”Best aspects of course...

      - Small group with colleagues and also diversity of participants.
      - Learning from each other and relevant examples from industry.
      - Seeing how another trainer delivers this program and some new ideas used to cover competencies.
      - Informality of group and ease of interaction.”

      ”There was a lot of interaction between everyone and the continuous mixing up the group helps as does having a older more mature group.”

      ”The staff at Carson were open and friendly and approachable at all times. The course pushed me way out of my comfort zone and forced me to look at a whole new subject.”

      ”Offered the course in one block of time. Trainer was excellent in skills and enthusiasm. Course content was presented in a practical and useful format. Trainer offered encouragement all through the course.”

      ”Meeting new people and being taken out of my comfort zone was a very good learning curve for myself. The Facilitator and staff members are very professional and make it a pleasant learning environment.”

      ”It was all very interesting information that I can take to the workplace.”

      ”It was pleasure attending the training with such a professional & well groomed staff. I must say you have a great team which makes learning easier and joyful.”

      ”This was a great course that was not only highly informing but interesting as well. The short time frame made it fast paced which I enjoyed. The staff at Carson make the learning experience fun and enjoyable.”

      ”The overall package was of a very high standard, and delivered with considerable expertise.”

      ”The Trainer was very professional and motivational. I really felt at ease especially on day 1 when I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Trainer encouraged great team work and a friendly learning environment.”

      Overall: Excellent course
      Venue: Very good, with a high standard of fittings and equipment. The location was brilliant.
      Administration: Excellent. You made it really easy to attend the course. The morning teas were the best I've experienced on a course.
      Course materials: Very good. My only suggestion is to provide the Participant Manual in a four-ring binder. That would make it much easier to add supplementary materials and to update sections as required.
      Thank you so much for running the course so well. I appreciate everything you have done.
      Best wishes,

      ”I want to thank you for one of the most engaging and enjoyable training experiences I've ever had.
      Sam is a very engaging facilitator and I got a lot more from the course upgrade than I first expected.
      I look forward to training at Carson again sometime in the future.
      Stephen - Apprentice Training Instructor”

      ”The facilitators were fantastic. Made the training comfortable and an easy learning environment. Training organisation and facilities were of an excellent standard.”

      ”It was a pleasure learning with the team in Brisbane and they are a real credit to your organisation. I would happily recommend Carsons to anyone!”

      ”The highly motivated and professional trainers and administration staff.”

      ”Janelle is amazing in her ability to make you feel so welcome and part of a very professional organisation.”

      ”Carson's exceeded my expectations.”

      ”It is difficult to suggest something when all the personnel were so motivated.”

      ”Best aspects - trainers and staff. Manageable number doing the course making it easier to learn. Good venue and easy access for those who had travelled from interstate.”

      ”Thank you for all the support that Carson has given me, Janelle. I will certainly recommend your organisation to anyone seeking training.”

      ”Carsons was a very professional group. They made it easy for me to cope with the material and the outcomes required. They all were very friendly and accommodated my needs well.”

  • 2012

      ”Thank you very much Margaret,I truly enjoyed the course,and in my 30 year career ,I have been to lots of courses and seminars and this one was right up there, you have a really great team.”

      ”Dear Margaret and Janelle,
      I just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic course. I felt really well taken care of, and have certainly never been to a course where everyone received a gift at the end!
      Margaret, I love that you are such an inspiring and passionate trainer, and enthusiastic about sharing it with us. Janelle, your calm approach and active listening helped me in thinking through my project topic.
      It was such a pleasure being trained by a team that clearly cares about what they do, and is so generous with their time and expertise.”

      ”Margaret and Carson Team, I couldn't have done it without your help and flexibility. I look forward to getting my certificate! Thank you so much!”

      ”The team in your office are so supportive and I really enjoyed the process.”

      ”Thank you for the lovely comments provided in feedback. Certificate has been received with thanks. I enjoyed the course greatly.”

      ”The relaxed training environment was the best aspect for me. I was nervous going into the course (i have very little formal training), but the staff and trainers made me feel at ease which improved my learning experience. Everything was quite good, but we did have a couple of technical issues which made a few situations a little difficult. Saying that the trainer worked around these using other techniques, so we didn't miss out on anything.”

      ”Good interactive sessions - whole group was always engaged. Content was well structured /clustered and ample resources and support were provided.”

      ”The rotation of seating so we got to meet and work with different people each day. the trainers skill at talking with you rather that at you. All staff's ability to make you feel comfortable in their environment.”

      ”Good atmosphere and learning environment.”

      ”Trainers were engaging and incredibly helpful. They were adaptive to our needs during the training including time out for meetings etc.”

      ”Group discussions and activities were fun and interesting with a good variety of ideas due to the dynamics of our class. Plenty of positive vibes emanating from the trainers. Was a hoot.”

      ”The trainers were fabulous and bubbly (Sam and Kirsty)and very approachable.”

      ”What could have been a long drawn out week was made very interesting and interactive by the trainer.”

      ”Dear Janelle and Margaret - just wanted to say "thank you" for all your help and support in getting me through this Certificate. It really made a difference and I wanted you to know how much you were appreciated.”

      ”I would just like to say thank you to you and your amazing staff especially Janelle for being so great and helpful.”

      ”Sam did a wonderful job, she is a fantastic Trainer”

      ”It was a very informative course which I enjoyed, thank you.”

      ”Many thanks for your patience and to your team for a great course.”

      ”Thank you for all your help and making me feel welcome during the course.”

      ”Thank you again, your course was awesome and I am glad to been apart of it.”

      ”Thanks very much for all of you and your team's assistance during and post course.”

      ”Thank you and the Carsons Team for making the course fun, informative and interesting. Best course I have ever done.”

      ”Dear Sam, I would like to thank you for the fantastic training, it was wonderful and you are an incredible wealth of knowledge.”

      ”I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for walking every step of the way with us, I know you said it but you walked the talk.”

      ”Please give my thanks to Kirsty, Sam and Janelle. I had a great time at Carson's, learnt a lot and received positive feedback from Kirsty regarding my presentations . It was nice to know that, after nearly 8 years as a full-time trainer, I'm still doing the right thing!”

      ”Have to say that the course was the most enjoyable I have ever done and learnt so much. I now have a framework to hang my training off.”

      ”I'd like to extend a big thank you to yourself and the crew at Carsons for helping me achieve my TAE40110 and opening some new doors for me.”

      ”It was a clean and pleasant environment, not rushed and the work load was reasonable for the time constraints we had.”

      ”Best aspect - the level of interaction concerning the learning topics with the trainer and the other students.”

      ”Thank you!!! I received my certificate and SOR yesterday and your feedback. I just wanted to say thank you so much! I was blown away by your thoughtful, incredibly detailed feedback. It brought tears to my eyes (of joy) and a BIG smile to my face! :) I have tremendous respect for you, Margaret as an educator and communicator. You are a true professional and I so appreciate what you had to say. Many thanks.”

      ”Thank you to your staff and facilitators for a excellence course, I would have no hesitation in recommending your company for future use. I may contact you sooner than later for other training units for myself.”

      ”I have to say that it is thanks to the Carsons team as the course was well presented and gave me the tools necessary to complete the project. I will definitely recommend Carsons to my workmates, and you might see me again for another qualification!”

      ”I loved your training and your trainers. It was a great experience!”

      ”TO KIRSTY: Just a big thank you for the training you did over the last 4 days it was very enjoyable. They say if you get just one thing out of the training it was worth while. I got a lot more than that out of the course and I owe a lot of that to your efforts. All the best to you and the family, at home and at Carsons”

      ”I must say that I am really happy that I have now completed all the project work required to obtain the certificate. I feel that the world of training is about to open up to me. Thank you for a great venue, teachers/trainers, and facilities, the ease of pace and learning style for me as a student was fantastic. It's nice to know that in this type of environment we are meant to succeed! It's quite refreshing to know that everyone is 'on your side' and wants you to do well. I enjoyed travelling to town each day for the course, the other students were great value people, with such diverse and interesting careers, the space we shared in the classroom was set out very well and was very user friendly. I wish you and Carsons the vest best and than you for the opportunity to learn with you.”

      ”This training session is the benchmark for me as I have not attended this course elsewhere. I have attended courses on other subjects with other RTOs and found this training session to be as good, if not better, than the others.”

      ”My feedback really focuses on my valuing your knowledge and your adaptability to meet client needs. I think you are an exemplar for both client service and professionalism.”

      ”I'd like to thank you for offering me a wonderful training period with the TAE. It was just awesome to be with the group and trained by you and Sam.”

      ”I really enjoyed the training and I will definitely recommend it!”

      ”You and your team are so professional but also so easy to speak to, I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Carson to anyone that is looking for a company that can deliver training programs.”

      ”Thanks once again for such a great 6 day training course from you and your team, couldn't have had better facilitators.”

      ”Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your course! Thank you.”

      ”Based on a forty year career in the formal schooling years, a nine year part time involvement as an academic, and a two year association with Training and Development in a Further Education and Training setting, I will have no hesitation in speaking to:
      • Setting. The teaching/learning spaces at Carson Australasia - lecture/seminar rooms, created a very well defined "air of learning". Affirmative welcoming procedure
      • Resources. Very impressive. Maximisation of current instructional IT. Friendly use by presenters, and explanation in terms of the participants.
      • Presenters. Very professional and experienced facilitators of learning. Questioning and communication skills were of a high order.
      • Content and Presentation. Both presenters extremely competent practitioners with a very well defined subject knowledge base. The ease and rate of presentation aligned to the principles of adult learning.
      • Conclusion. A thoroughly worthwhile and pertinent learning experience with the process not only acknowledging the life experiences of each participant, but also recognising and accommodating the individual participant's learning journey. As an educator, I highly recommend this program offered by Carson Australasia to any organisation or individual.”

      ”Thank you very much for the good news (about my project)! I really enjoyed the training and I will definitely recommend it!”

      ”Thank you and your team for a great, interesting and fun course.It was a pleasure working with professional people.”

      ”All of it was very good. Timing of 6 days perfect for busy people. Perfect application of theory and practice with tangible outcomes.”

      ”Best aspect - vast knowledge and experience of the trainer.”

      ”The trainers made it a very comfortable environment, all students felt safe to ask questions.”

      ”The chance to review everyone's presentation on video, especially your own. It provided very useful for self analysis.”


      ”The training was "Activities" based, which I believe is the best way to learn.”

      ”It has given me access to the tools I need to manage everyday situations that occur. It has brought things I have observed in the workplace together and has helped me to understand what is happening and why and what I can do about it and when.”

  • 2011

      ”Firstly, I would like to thank you for the last 6 days of training. It was a fantastic course with great content which I hope to put into practice immediately...”

      ”Thanks again for the extension and for supplying such wonderful training.”

      ”Good physical environment for learning (location, aspect of the training rooms). Good instructors who knew their business and had very pleasant personalities. Good interesting class of trainees from many varied walks of life.”

      ”I want to thank you. I'm really happy and I feel confident enough to start doing training and assessment with the experience that Carson has taught me..once again thank you so much.”

      ”The broad base of Knowledge and Skills the Trainer demonstrated Also the flexibility built in to the course and having fun whilst learning”

      ”Great trainers. Comfortable environment. Up to date equipment. Small group. Interactive. Enjoyable. Yummy treats!!”

      ”I had been advised, prior to attending this course, that it was boring and I would not enjoy it. In fact the absolute opposite was the case. It was very interesting, Margaret, the trainer, was very thorough and knowledgeable and I have already told people who need to do this course that this is where they should do it. Cannot think of anything which needs improving...”

      ”The best aspects were the Adult Learning strategies used to teach are age-appropriate and enjoyed the training ...”

      ”The trainers were friendly, professional and helpful. They made dry content interesting.”

      ”It was a really enjoyable course and it was a fun way to learn which really is a credit to you and the whole team there at Carson...”

      ”Thanks again for supplying such wonderful training...”

      ”Thank you for your fabulous training throughout the course! I learnt a lot and really enjoyed putting my project together...”

      ”Both presenters were well prepared, knowledgeable and understanding. Both instructors made the class enjoyable and an interesting learning experience / environment and I would recommend the course for those interested to become qualified trainer and assessors in their field of expertise.”

      ”really helpful and considerate...thanks once again for everything”

      ”I personally would like to thank you so much for everything that you have helped me with and made me happier in achieving and fulfilling my dreams. I hope that you will always prosper in everything that you do and be healthy and happy, God bless always and many thanks to you and Sam. I must say if I was to lead by a great example I would pick you and Sam such great women, with great value and intelligence of nature and education. you both are remarkable amazing women and it has put an imprint in my life and will wonder of how much of that we can always continue to achieve, thank you again to both of you and we will keep in touch.”

      ”The friendliness of the staff, the interesting and interactive way in which the training was presented (e.g. a range of delivery methods were used - PowerPoint, videos etc), the opportunity to be creative in our own presentations”

      ”The training was carried out in an excellent environment, with articulate and knowledgeable facilitators who used the available time to ensure that all of the relevant subject matter was covered.”

      ”Thanks again for a great course - it was really enjoyable”

      ”The Trainers were great. The group was very diverse in industry and training knowledge/experience of the subject and the Trainers did an outstanding job of helping us to work together and bridge the gap in experience. They were very clear and patient with my endless questions. I chose to do the full course instead of getting RPL and I'm very pleased I did. I learned lots and had a great time. I am really picky and I really couldn't fault it.”

      ”Method of learning was varied which ensured participants were constantly engaged.”

      ”Group Activities with other participants in the course. Excellent instruction given by instructors and course material was good...”

      ”The friendliness of the staff, the interesting and interactive way in which the training was presented (eg a range of delivery methods were used- powerpoints, videos etc), the opportunity to be creative in our own presentations”

      ”I personally would like to thank you so much for everything that you have helped me with and made me happier in achieving and fulfilling my dreams. I hope that you will always prosper in everything that you do and be healthy and happy, God bless always and many thanks to you and Sam. I must say if I was to lead by a great example I would pick you and Sam such great women, with great value and intelligence of nature and education. you both are remarkable amazing women and it has put an imprint in my life and will wonder of how much of that we can always continue to achieve, thank you again to both of you and we will keep in touch.”

      ”I had a wonderful experience doing my course with you and would most definitely recommend Carson to others”

      ”Just a quick note to say thank you so much to you and your team for delivering one of the most relevant (and enjoyable) courses I have attended for a long time. The course was structured in such a way that although I may have looked slightly bewildered everything came together beautifully. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Sam who was an excellent trainer making the activities both informative and enjoyable which is not easy an easy task. Please also thank Tori and Emma who provided the excellent morning teas. I tried very hard to stick to fruit but finally succumbed to the lure of cheesecake on the final day. In addition to the above, I was very fortunate to be part of a group that added so much to each day”

      ”I did enjoy the format and delivery of the Cert IV course, the facilities were great and the Carsons team were always helpful. Friendly and professional, so thank you!”

      ”The RTO team, (especially the CEO and her knowledge and experience and training skills) the group dynamics, the great environment, the welcoming approach.”

      ”I found the intensive nature of the week the best aspect in that we covered a lot of material in just a week.”

      ”The trainers were engaging, skilled and extremely knowledgeable as well as friendly. The training room itself was well equipped with resources for use and the structure of the training was well prepared. The materials provided were thorough and gave a good reference for later use. The workbook was easily to follow and complete and the assessment tasks set were relevant and useful.”

      ”The classroom size was good and the set up was good. The trainers were great and I felt I could always ask questions when I was stuck.”

      ”I really enjoyed the practical presentations of everyone and the mix of training games/activities I also thought the section on assessment was taught very well because it was a fairly dry topic but the practical exercises made it interesting. I don't think any aspect of the course needed improving. The content and presentation was excellent.”

      ”Being a newcomer to the world of training and RTOs I found the all of the training very informative and relevant. In particular learning how to unpack a unit, navigating my way around NTIS and ultimately building a training session was very useful and practical. Understanding more about assessment helped me gain confidence to design assessment tools that will be audit ready. I wish I could think of something to say that would assist you with improvement, however...I thoroughly enjoy the training and felt that it was all top notch! Thanks!”

      ”Flexible to work on a project that met the needs of assessing us for the course, but also was applicable to us as individuals. I think the training is great just as it is.”

  • 2010

      ”Training material was very good. The set up of the venue within Carson's control was the best I have experienced to date. The kitchen area was also very good. All the staff were also very helpful.”

      ”The best aspects were the group involvement and the great personalities and abilities of the staff.”

      ”The trainers presented the training at the right level and speed, the content was informative and constantly interesting. The trainers were 5 star class.”

      ”Best aspect being able to access this level of training and qualification in my country. Margaret Kling's enthusiasm and positivity”

      ”Clear and concise delivery of the training. Lots of practical exercises in order to utilise subject matter immediately to reinforce the content and the outcomes required.”

      ”Approachable trainers. Covered the main points. Fast service. Comfortable facilities.”

      ”The best aspects were the hands on activities - I learn better through that...”

      ”I was pushed to achieve the results that I wanted to achieve. The course, though at times I struggled to see how it was all going to fit together, was well paced. The content gave me a wider knowledge base. Working with a good group of people that had different training styles and techniques gave me alternate views and additional tools for me to use as a trainer. Overall the course was well constructed and delivered the good”

      ”It was a fun group to learn with, the training sessions incorporated activities that involved everyone's participation. Created a fun atmosphere.”

      ”Margaret's communication skills and apparent interest in every group member. She also addressed any concerns as they occurred - and gave constant encouragement - and reassurance when appropriate.”

      ”Great mix of trainers, Marg and Sam made the course as interesting as possible. Having 2 different trainers was great also as we were able to see 2 different styles to training which I enjoyed.”

      ”Best aspects were the inclusive nature of the training where all students were encourage to share from their own experiences. This helped reinforce the core message and gave students a wealth of additional real world examples.”

      ”Fantastic facilities. Very Enthusiastic trainer very up-to-date on subject matter!”

      ”Carsons are a pleasure to deal with and any queries are always dealt with in a professional and timely manner.”

      ”Margaret and the team were great to work with and I really enjoyed the program I attended. I will be recommending other staff attend their courses and I have made it mandatory for all the staff in my training unit to complete the Certificate IV TAA40104 delivered by Carson”

      ”Professionally presented course.”

      ”Margaret, I have recommended your organisation to a number of potential customers.You are the real deal - because you have your heart in it! I wish there were more trainer providers like you.”

      ”Very professional organisation to deal with. Congratulations Margaret on the great team you have built and the high quality of service provided by Carson Australasia.”

      ”One of the most enjoyable courses I have attended. Many thanks.”

  • 2009

      ”...the trainers kept it interesting and fun - the best environment to learn in”

      ”The trainer kept the class motivated at all times, and made the course fun. The content was all relevant and was something that I could take back and use in my current role.”

      ”The holistic approach to the subject, variations in methods of training (kept interest) and high,but achievable, expectations of all of the participants. The wide knowledge and experience of the senior trainer in this field was very helpful.”

      ”Trainers were focused on needs of the group and catering to individual differences.”

      ”I thought that package as a whole worked very well, plenty of information and help if required. The role play was very good.”

      ”Gave me an insight into what skills were needed to undertake my new role in an effective and efficient manner. Gave me confidence in myself.”

      ”The training was excellent. The course was fast paced & conducted in a serious but fun environment.”

      ”I found the case studies and scenarios the best aspects. I don't think there is anything needs to be improved the training went very well...”

      ”It was a totally new field to me despite some experience in training, however the course and trainer showed me how to put it all together and to get my expected outcomes. It was delivered in n interesting and relevant manner with any and all the support I requested. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process after an absence of some 20 years from education facilities. I would recommend this RTO to anyone and everyone for their training and facilities.”

      ”The trainers created and maintained a professional, supportive environment. I was encouraged to explore the training and was allowed enough flexibility to include subject matter which was familiar and relevant to my work.”

      ”The trainers have large amount of knowledge to share...”

      ”Interaction between participants was encouraged to discuss and work over exercises.”

      ”It was realistic and was transferable to the workplace. I lived the group work and access to the computers was excellent...”

      ”I enjoyed the delivery style and the level of experience of the trainer was excellent and so helped to give further context and understanding to the unit.”

      ”The trainer imparted her knowledge and taught in a style that was very open and approachable.”

      ”The knowledge, skills, patience and experience of the trainer was excellent, the venue and facilities available were great.”

      ”The presentation of the course was flexible and tuneable to the participants needs and to the material being presented.”

      ”It's hard to suggest improvements to training that is being improved as we speak. Continual improvement! The presentations and exercises were great.”

      ”Trainer was very patient when learners were struggling. Trainer took each individual learner on their own merits and skills.”

      ”Margaret Kling was an excellent trainer and had an in-depth knowledge of the subject and a broad experience in training and education which she could draw upon to train people.”

      ”I have had good reports from the employees that have attended this course...”

      ”The overall package which was delivered was very beneficial and it was a great course to attend...”

      ”Flexible delivery - training was set at own pace, realistic examples included in training package and the availability of support and advice from online trainers was great!”

      ”The trainer was easy to approach and responsive to all question and doubtful points.”

      ”Thank you very much Margaret and everybody at Carson! I had such a fantastic fun experience while I was there, it was hard to believe that I was achieving a qualification (nothing at all like my experience at Uni or TAFE)! I really liked how you involved everybody in the training sessions/activities, as I feel we all learnt a lot from the others that were participating. I will definitely recommend you to anybody that is interested in getting their TAA in the future.”

      ”Great course – look forward to reunion!”

      ”I thought the course was professionally set up and delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending this training company to anyone that would consider them as an option to provide corporate training. Very enjoyable and professional organisation.”

      ”Course was well run with a good flow and kept on track. Would have liked a bit more on what works well for presenting training, something as simple as asking each person to give their best tip or worst training moment and a discussion. Otherwise great. I will recommend this course to others. Thanks.”

      ”I enjoyed the training program, I learnt heaps and met some interesting people. I feel a lot more confident now that I have completed the course and will look forward to delivering training.”

      ”Great course, I just hope I achieved the training requirements. Thank you and staff.”

      ”At the beginning of the course I was a little bit lost but after the first few days it all came together. I was also lucky to be able to reflect on the course after it ended and that helped me to understand more. Thank you.”

      ”Overall a very positive experience.”

      ”Has direct relevance to my career.”

  • 2008

      ”I learnt heaps and I will be able to implement some of this into my work.””

      ”The course was fantastic, and I will be recommending it to all that I know in the training field. It was defiantly well worth it. Margaret you did such a wonderful job of teaching us, a big thank you.””

      ”I enjoyed the training program very much. I learned from this training and would apply those learnings in my workplace Thank you very much for a wonderful learning experience.”

      ”I would definitely recommend Carson Australasia to anyone seeking this type of training.”

      ”Margaret would have to be one of the most approachable and professional facilitators I have encountered. Made me feel very comfortable and was always there to offer her support and guidance.”

      ”The training was relevant to my work and will assist my professional development.”

      ”The course easily met all my expectations of what needs to be covered in the course and neatly packaged into a time-frame that should suit a high percentage of candidates. In saying that, Margaret was clearly ready to help in any way possible if the time-frame or course content did not entirely suit an individuals' needs or learning capacity. Overall, a highly interesting and dynamic delivery of the course by a friendly, and dynamic team of individuals who are perpetually ready to venture out beyond their call of duty as first class facilitators. I am from Perth, and it was worth every effort making the interstate journey to Carson Australasia. I'll be back to say G'day and see how the team is doing at every available opportunity. Spot on!”

      ”Thank you very much!”

      ”Great course that was structured very well.”

      ”A really excellent course and one that I felel will have a lot of practical benefit for me in the immediate here and now.”

      ”I would strongly recommend this course to anybody looking to advance or further their career, this course gives you the skills to take you to the next level.”

      ”I feel the course as not relevant to my job, however it was a requirement and so I completed it. This does not mean that I did not learn anything, quite the opposite. It was very informative and even not not relevant it kept me interested for the whole 2 weeks. Thank you.”

      ”Margaret was so professional in every way, the information was heavy but she moved it with pace and confidence which up lifted you on the same path of learning. The whole experience made you feel part of a group and sharing of knowledge that opened great windows to other companies and teaching styles.”

      Below is an email received from one of our participants:

      ”Hi Margaret,
      Just a brief note to thank you and the Team at Carson for the feedback on my post course assignment and subsequent issue of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
      I am happy to advise anyone (and for this email to be included in your testimonials if you so wish) that your course was a pleasure to undertake.
      From my initial inquiries about your course to receipt of my Certificate, I found the assistance, content, pace and delivery of Carson's training to be friendly, relaxed and professional. Nothing seemed to be a bother or too difficult for you or the Team. The overall highlight for me was the style and manner in which your training built an enjoyable working cohesion amongst people from a wide and diverse background of employment and life experience.
      Thank you again. I wish you and the Team all the best for your future training and I shall keep a look out for the Carson reunion.
      Kind Regards,

      ”Excellent course, however it was intense. But I have a better understanding of how to structure and write a training programme. The bonus is I can now work out, with the assessment focus, how effective training has been. It will definitely be of assistance in my future career options.”

      ”The course was great, I'm glad I got the opportunity to participate and learn with Carson.”

      ”Thanks enjoyed the course and found it very valuable”

      ”Very enjoyable!”

      ”Very enjoyable and professional”

  • 2007

      ”I believe your course was appropriate for adult learners. Let’s remember some adults haven’t studied for 10-15 years or longer. Your program engages adults at the rate they want to participate and that’s perfect and fun too. You were available and accepting to all. If participants need further information you were approachable and encouraging!”

      ”I found the atmosphere excellent I feel new friendships have been made. The diversity of the group made for a wide learning platform with valuable input. Staff fostered a non-threatening and ‘genuine’ atmosphere which makes the experience a memorable one. Many thanks.”

      ”Great ambiance, professional team, good fun. The training took me to the next level in training skills and helped me to improve professionally in different ways. Thanks a lot folks!”

      ”Enjoyed the course and conducted superbly!”

      ”Upgrade course 8th Oct. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The presentations were interesting and varied.”

      ”Good solid training, good atmosphere and depth of knowledge.”

      ”Very enjoyable course looking forward to more learning with Carson.”

      ”Thank you, and well done. Margaret is excellent and makes everyone at ease so quickly. I will benefit from that course at once.”

      ”I was so impressed with Margaret and her skills as a trainer. She is so knowledgeable, approachable and funny! Made the sessions very enjoyable. The training room was well resourced - the whiteboard and laptops made it very professional and easy for us to do research. The food and lollies were great too! A good experience and I will definitely recommend it to others”.

      ”The course was great, thanks! I would be interested in information in the Diploma course once it is up and running!”

      ”An excellent course presented by a very knowledgeable and approachable trainer”

      ”A pleasure to attend, most enjoyable.”

      ”Good course for time allocated.”

      ”Very informative and enjoyable course. Energy kept high! Different fields of industry catered for in examples.”

      ”An excellent course that I will recommend to other professionals who are interested in completing their Certificate IV!”

      ”Thank you very much, Margaret is a wonderful teacher and so is Dee!”

      ”I really enjoyed the training, I found both the content and the time it took to be most enjoyable. The resource material was well structured and easy to follow”

      ”I was made to feel a part of the group and of Carson in general. The trainer was experienced and knowledgeable and managed the group extremely well. I liked her interpersonal ability and will definitely tell other including my training unit of the many positives of the organisation”

      ”This course was well above what I expected. Right from Day 1 to Day 8. Not only did we learn a lot from the course, bit it was done in a very fun and enjoyable manner”

      ”I have enjoyed this course. Morno’s were fantastic!”

      ”Well done Carson!!”

      ”Training program exceeded my requirements but was nonetheless rewarding”

      ”Margaret and Dan and team did their best to ensure everyone participated and was made to feel welcome – I enjoyed it thoroughly”

      ”The pace was good – kept people engaged & motivated. I felt Margaret adapted and responded to the group effectively. I fell the training has helped increase my confidence”

      ”Excellent course – very inclusive and extremely professional delivery”

      ”I really enjoyed the course. I appreciated the common sense structure”

      ”Group activities were very helpful – it was good to hear other peoples’ input and opinions, it helped me a lot”

      ”Thankyou, I feel everyone was included and made feel comfortable throughout the course. Margaret is very enthusiastic. I enjoyed myself thoroughly”

      ”Very impressed and will advise others to attend”

      ”Margaret made me/the group feel very welcome and safe to have our say and get involved. Her patience was greatly appreciated and her freedom of sharing knowledge was fantastic.”

      ”It was really fun and reminded me how much I enjoyed learning.”

      ”Overall the training was fantastic. You are a very astute, clever trainer and this was evident to me by the way you conducted the training.”

      ”I appreciate the time and effort taken by everyone at Carson and I look forward to returning to continue my professional development.”

  • 2006

      ”I found the course enjoyable, informative and extremely beneficial. Carson provided an outstanding learning environment. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

      ”Thank you for an enjoyable course. I learnt a lot and felt very comfortable in the learning environment.”

      ”I’d have no hesitation recommending CA as the first stop in completing the TAA40104 Course.”

      ”I have recommended others to attend this course and will continue.”

      ”Thoroughly enjoyable; put this course off for a couple of years as thought it would be awful – sorry I put it off so long – Thanks.”

      ”I'd like to thank you very much for making the TAA course easy to understand and it was also a very comfortable learning environment which was a major plus for me since I am Autistic.”

      ”Thank you Margaret – your obvious expertise was invaluable”

      ”Thank you for the hospitality that was afforded to me by you and your staff during the course – I had an enjoyable time on the course”

      ”I find it impossible to submit thoughts of improvement to a course that I believe is the most challenging and rewarding course I have ever been on. Thank you Margaret and the team from Carson Australasia”

      ”I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it has given me the knowledge and qualifications to direct my career to the area that has always interested me. I found it really motivating and look forward to using my new found skills Thankyou.”

      ”You guys are very professional! Thanks”

      ”One of the most enjoyable courses I’ve ever attended. Well constructed and excellent delivery”

      ”Margaret explained everything very well and I enjoyed it immensely.”

      ”Great value. Well done.”

      ”Margaret you are an excellent trainer and you are one to the reasons why I would definitely attend further courses at Carson. I think the size of the group made for some great group dynamics.”

      ”I researched the training organisations that were offering this Cert IV in Brisbane and I found Margaret’s qualifications to be of a very high standard. This was confirmed by the quality of the training and enthusiasm Margaret was able to maintain over the seven days. Thank you”

      ”The course was run professionally in a very comfortable learning environment. Margaret’s energy was boundless and Dan’s morning and afternoon teas were really appreciated. Moving people around to different seating positions every day was a successful strategy. I felt the group discussions were more productive than the whole group discussions. Thank you!”

      ”Having not studied for 18 years I was nervous about my abilities.  Margaret understood and encouraged throughout. It was a great re-introduction to learning”

      ”Great trainer – very helpful and friendly!”

  • 2005

      ”Margaret and staff were a pleasure to deal with. Their friendly and professional approach to all aspects of business saw my RPL process completed efficiently and thoroughly. I would highly recommend Carson Australasia for any training or RPL.”

      ”A great week...very easy to understand. You made the week enjoyable and I have made a recommendation for [my company] to continue using Carson Australasia in future. Thanks again”

      ”Congratulations Margaret and team. A very well presented training package. Very professionally executed. Look forward to furthering my training with your organisation”

      ”Thank you for a very positive learning experience”

      ”This will definitely assist me with my career development”

      ”Group interaction was very interesting”

      ”The first course I have attended that at the end of the course I am confident that I can immediately go out and apply what I’ve learnt. Thanks!”

      ”Great work. Loved it. Gained a lot from this course. Will recommend this to others”

      ”Really enjoyed this course, you explained everything thoroughly and I was able to really grasp everything that you taught! Thank you very much!”

      ”It was as good as had been recommended!”

      ”Margaret ensured we were all included and felt part of this program. A very rewarding experience!”

      ”Thanks for making my week so much fun, I really feel I’ve come away with great skills both professionally and personally”

      ”Best training I’ve ever experienced!! Thankyou!!”

      ”Thanks for a memorable week!”

      ”Thanks a lot for all your knowledge and help and a great week”

      ”I want to thank you for the insights, ideas and suggestions you gave us...”

      ”Thank you for all the effort you put into our course. You gave us plenty of support and encouragement. Your warmth made us all feel immediately comfortable and created a very positive learning environment...”

(The original submissions of this feedback can be sighted at our office on request.)